Real-time Ultrasound

Real-time Ultrasound

Having difficultly making the "Core Connection"? Working hard on your "core" exercises but unsure if you are actually using the muscles the exercises are meant to target? Have no idea what is meant by "your deep abdominals and back muscles or inner unit"? Come visit The Endurance Sport and Wellness Centre for a Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) assessment that allows both you and your physiotherapist to see how your "core" muscles function as you perform your exercises!!

This new & cutting edge RTUS service is available at The Endurance Sport and Wellness Centre as of November 1, 2008. RTUS assessments are ideal for accurate and objective assessment of the vital core stabilizing muscles. The RTUS display provides you with important visual feedback, which enables you to learn to recognize the sensation of correctly contracting the core muscles, enabling you to train these muscles efficiently. An experienced physiotherapist will conduct all assessments.

Using real time ultrasound we can clinically observe and measure the extent of the Transversus Abdominis and Multifidus contractions. This allows the patient to have a measurable point of reference to ensure that the current stability and strengthening program they are on is effective.

The initial sessions using the ultrasound feedback will allow the patients to see the muscles contracting as they learn how to correctly contract their stabilisers. For more advanced patients the real time ultrasound allows accurate assessment of improvement by seeing the contractions and measure the quality of the contractions.

Real time ultrasound is currently the most effective tool to ensure that your stabilisation muscles are in fact getting stronger and as such providing clinical, measurable proof that your rehabilitation is going to have long-term success.